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Automation technology in industrial as well as explosive atmospheres

We think and work holistically

We offer individual advice and have many years of experience in the automation of process engineering systems.

We are your partner for:

  • drive technology
  • security technology
  • switchgear
  • operating comcepts
  • control and control technology
  • process automation
  • MSR-instrumentation
  • risk of explosions
  • house and building management

From needs analysis to after-sales service:

  • basic engineering
  • detailed planning
  • equipment specifications
  • CAD documentation
  • programming
  • Assembly planning and monitoring
  • Production, delivery and installation
  • Commissioning and training
  • After-Sales service

AgA-TECH is your contact for both the development of industrial plants as well as modernization, conversion, expansion and optimization of existing plants.

Our know-how guarantees conversions while the machine is running operation and minimum plant downtimes.

Based on our experience, we offer hardware and software engineering up to the delivery of complete automation systems and gladly support your research projects.


In today’s civilization, almost all processes and facilities are operated electrically. Electrical equipment and controls have become commonplace. For new equipment, modernization, conversion or expansion, we are your contact for you in areas:

  • drive technology
  • Energy Technology
  • electronics
  • automation technology
  • building technology

Our software engineering team offers a wide range of services, including high-level programming.

Our software specialists are always ready to exceed the requirements of our customers – from setting up interfaces between different PLC and computer systems to programming complex computing models.

Control and control of a plant require a perfect system visualization. Depending on the requirements and circumstances, we visualize with the optimal system.


We design, plan, document and realize your electrotechnical and MSR plants.

As a product-independent supplier, we are happy to fulfill your factory standards.


Documentation according to the Machinery Directive

The CE marking is prescribed by European directives.

Only if a corresponding directive requires the CE marking for a product, it is permissible (but also mandatory) to provide the mark.

For example, food or books do not bear the CE mark.


European Conformity

The CE marking indicates that the product on which it is fitted complies with the requirements of all EG directives applicable to this product.

The CE marking is primarily not a consumption indicator. It serves as an „EU passport“ for this product. This means that this product may be placed on the market in any Member State within the EU, unless it is obvious that the CE marking has been abused.

The CE marking is primarily not a consumption indicator. It serves as an „EU passport“ for this product. This means that this product may be placed on the market in any Member State within the EU, unless it is obvious that the CE marking has been abused.

The CE mark is usually affixed by the manufacturer himself. Together with a so-called EC Declaration of Conformity, it certifies that it has complied with the essential health and safety requirements of the relevant EC Directives when manufacturing the product. For sunglasses and drilling machines, such a manufacturer’s declaration is, for example, sufficient.

If the danger potential is high, Eg in the case of breathing apparatus or climbing harnesses, the EC type-examination for the product requires additional measures up to the inspection of each product by the notified body. This is apparent to the consumer at the CE marking and the 4-digit code of the notified body.

VEXAT is an Austrian ordinance on the handling of certain explosive substances at construction sites and workplaces.

The VEXAT Regulation contains in particular:

  • the obligation to ascertain and assess and       document the explosion risks
  •  Information, documentation and work release
  • Tests, measurements, hazard analysis and accident prevention
  • the primary, secondary and tertiary explosion protection measures
  • the requirements for electrical equipment and objects in potentially explosive atmospheres


Do you have needs for VEXAT evaluation? Contact us!



VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

Reach new levels of performance with the VLT® Midi Drive FC 280, the evolution of the popular VLT® 2800 drive. Profit from new savings with a wide range of features designed to make installing, using and maintaining the AC drive as simple and as easy as possible.

For precise and efficient motor control for machine builders in the food and beverage, material handling and processing industries, the VLT® Midi Drive is ideal. it is strong on control performance, functional safety and flexible fieldbus communication.

VLT® Midi Drive is designed for compatibility with the VLT® 2800. Its exterior dimensions, connectors, cable lengths and set-up software tools allow you to easily retrofit an established drive panel.

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Prices and delivery times on request

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

GRUNDFOS pumps, DANFOSS frequency converter, sensors and sensor systems for the industry resp. explosive 
für den industriellen bzw. hazardous area.

GRUNDFOS pumps and spare parts for private use. Pumps other makes depending on the application.

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